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REIVault offers full-service (100% done-for-you) marketing and lead generation teams, technologies, and systems for the cost of a part-time employee!

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REIVault is the Complete Solution for
Your REI Marketing and Lead Generation

REIVault (founded in 2005) is the most trusted and established 100% Managed Services (done-for-you) solution for real estate investors in need of marketing and a well trained team to support their efforts to close more deals and grow their business.

For over 17 years REIVault has developed iron clad systems of automation and follow up to ensure REIVault subscribers are given every edge possible to be more efficient and effective with their lead flow.

Beyond the marketing systems and processes, REIVault also possesses exclusive intel and expertise on running highly effective direct mail campaigns. With REIVault, you have the ability to immediately get results by having 17+ years of expertise applied to your business on day one!

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What Does REIVault offer Investors..?

REIVault is a completely done-for-you marketing and lead generation service complete with all of the systems, technologies, and VA staff you need to find, work, and qualify leads.

The end result is; you only talk to qualified prospects who want to sell their property, and we’ll do the rest.

Effective Marketing and Follow-up is a full-time job…

but it doesn’t need to be your job.

The business of consistently finding off-market deals is ultimately a marketing challenge. Our methods, techniques, technologies, and teams solve these problems for our clients immediately with a completely plug-and-play solution.

There’s a lot of grunt work when working REI leads, and we effectively remove your need to do anything other than what is most valuable for your business; negotiating and closing deals!

Looking for a Better R.O.I. on your marketing spend?

We help in two ways…

Marketing Optimization

The best way to reduce your marketing expenses is to test your marketing extensively, track all results, and tweak your marketing to ensure the highest response rate per campaign.  Since we’ve been running REI direct mail campaigns for 17+ years, we can get you optimal results from day one!

Systematic Follow Up

The easiest way to increase your ROI. is to capture more deals from your existing lead flow. This is done by having a relentless approach to following up with your leads. We understand this reality, which is exactly why your VA reaches out to all interested prospects from your campaigns until contact is made (for the length of your subscription).

The 4 Key Components of REIVault

Direct Mail Management

Effective direct mail marketing is all about having field experience and tracking what mailers and lists are most effective (or bring the greatest ROI). Our team has a clear advantage over any other marketing company serving the REI industry thanks to our 17+ years of experience and our tens of millions of mailers sent (and tracked with precision).

Our experience has taught us a tremendous amount about the impact of subtle details typically overlooked by investors and have also allowed us to approach each and every campaign for our clients in a very scientific and predictable way. If you would like to have us manage your direct mail marketing campaigns, the future of your business is literally in the best hands possible.

  • A Marketing Team of Experienced Experts
  • Detailed and Data-Driven Campaign Planning and Projections
  • Campaign Exclusivity (We never allow our clients to run the same campaigns to the same lists.)
  • Full Management for up to $10,000/month Marketing Budget (additional subscription fee required for budgets above $10,000)
  • Access to Our Exclusive & Proprietary Lists (Consistently the highest response rates in our industry!)
  • Access to Our Exclusive & Proprietary Mail Pieces (Tested to perfection)
  • “Lead Prioritization” Enhanced Data Stacking Done-For-You (Our proprietary system automatically identifies which leads likely have the highest motivation to sell.)
  • Full List Management & Ongoing Updates
  • Regular Campaign Reviews and Optimization
  • Ongoing personal Support for any Needs/Questions

CRM w/ Marketing Automation

Your CRM is a crucial tool given the absolute necessity to have effective prospect management and follow-up practices in place to maximize your opportunities from any marketing efforts (or campaigns). When we had to choose what CRM to provide our clients with, we settled for nothing less than the absolute best!

REIControl is the ultimate CRM not just because of its amazing features, but because of the simple intuitive design that enables any investor to maximize the use of such a powerful toolkit. You can see some of the included features here, but only when you have a chance to use REIControl will you realize how vastly superior it is to any other CRM on the market today.

  • Email, SMS, Voicemail Drop, and Postcard Follow-Ups
  • Built-In Email, SMS Texting, and Phone Dialer
  • 360-Degree Social Profiling
  • Campaign Tracking Reports
  • Custom Questionnaires
  • Google Maps and Street View
  • Instant Comp Reports
  • MAO Deal Analyzer
  • Inspection Reports
  • Appointment Management
  • Customizable PDF Agreements
  • Digital Agreements
  • Property Landing Pages
  • Buyer SMS and Email Blasts
  • Enhanced KPI Reporting
  • Automated Task by Job Roles

Lead Processing Team

Most investors quickly realize that to scale, they need admin support which is expensive and requires ongoing management.

We take care of that for you!

Your subscription includes a “personal” VA team that will continue to keep your CRM updated, set tasks, disposition prospects (update lead status), and ensure you make contact with that lead. In other words, you get an administrative assistant team to manage all of the tedious work.

  • Review Incoming Voice Messages and SMS (No Response)
  • Confirm Accuracy of Auto Voice Message Transcriptions
  • Perform Address Validation against Marketing Lists
  • Update Seller Details: Name, email phone
  • Determine and Set Seller Motivation (Hot to Cool)
  • Determine and Set Lead Disposition
  • Push leads to applicable Next Step (where Applicable) ie: push to Phone Team
  • Remove Leads from Future Mailings
  • Set Leads to Receive Follow Up Letters
  • Set Leads to Receive Presell/Offer Letters
  • On-Demand Tasks to Pull Comparables
  • Can use your custom MLS or Comp Service

Outbound Call Team

If you’re like most investors, you don’t like the follow-up process (no one does) so we take care of that for you.

Our team of highly trained VAs is there to do one thing, follow up on leads from your campaigns. All respondents (leads) from your campaigns will be called until contact is made (for the length of your subscription).

The result; you maximize the opportunities produced by your lead generation campaigns and only speak to the most interested and qualified prospects that you can likely close.

  • Initial Setup Fees Included (a $400 value)
  • Leads automatically ‘Pushed’ to Call Team
  • Leads automatically ‘Removed’ from Call Team
  • Local Outbound # matching Sellers Area Code
  • Our CRM is integrated with Five9 Auto-dialer
  • Weekly Call Reports
  • Optional Appointment Setting to Your Calendar
  • Immediately call back the missed leads and hang-ups (approximately 30% of all inbound leads)
  • Daily follow up calls to all warm leads

  • Professionally screen, qualify, and set appointments with the more motivated ready to talk to opportunities
  • Nurture and follow-up on the not interested and longer-term cold leads for a truly “no seller left behind” phone experience

REIVault Service Packages

Gold Silver Bronze
$1,997*monthly $1,497*monthly $1,497*monthly
$1500 onboarding/setup fee $1000 onboarding/setup fee $1000 onboarding/setup fee
Direct Mail Management Direct Mail Management Direct Mail Management
CRM + Marketing Automation CRM + Marketing Automation CRM + Marketing Automation
Lead Processing Team Lead Processing Team Lead Processing Team
Outbound Call Team Outbound Call Team Outbound Call Team

* Due to the administrative expense needed to create your support team we require a 90 day commitment for all plans.

The Simple, Complete, and Effective Solution

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