“There Are Great Lists,
and There Are Bad Lists.”

“There Are Great Lists,
and There Are Bad Lists.”

We Build Great Lists!

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What Makes A Great List?

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Accurate Data

Be Aware: Not all data sources are equal

Data quality varies from provider to provider depending on targeted criteria as well as what region of the US your market is in.

Strategic Targeting

Target Criteria Aligned With Your Market

Ensure your chosen criteria is a logical fit for your market and objective.

The Right Quantity

Do you know how many leads it takes to get the deal?

You need to know the simple science to determine what quantity in your market is enough to get those leads.

Types of Lists We Offer:

  • Cash Buyers
  • Foreclosures

  • Pre-Foreclosures
  • Absentee Owners
  • Vacancies
  • Bankruptcies
  • Divorces
  • Code Violations

And a lot more!

Additional Services:

Step-by-Step List Building

Your coach will help you build lists that you buy from us or help you pull lists from your own subscriptions/providers via Zoom meetings with screen sharing collaboration.

Your coach will not only help you filter your lists, but also provide insights on the best data source for your niche and/or region of the country.

Premium Skip Tracing

Since all your prospects don’t respond to all forms of marketing, increase your odds of getting deals by following up with prospects via phone calls and email.

Our premium skip tracing finds the phone numbers and email addresses of your prospects and is provided in a file pre-formatted for almost any CRM on the market!

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