Direct Mail Marketing
Done Right.

Direct Mail Marketing
Done Right.

Print companies just take your order…

Our coaches help you plan, design, and launch successful marketing campaigns.

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Market-Specific Advice

Work with your own Direct Marketing Coach and get recommendations based on our experience in your market. Never guess, test, or gamble with your marketing budget again.

With your own coach on your side, you’ll be sure to follow best practices and avoid mistakes that can costs you money and/or opportunities.

Additionally, you have an experienced expert to help you navigate all the challenges and changes that impact your ability to succeed.

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Emmie Gerritsen

Direct Marketing Coach


You Get


With a marketing coach on your side, you’ll be able to quickly get the results you want by getting the advice you need from an experienced expert.

Your Coach can help you avoid common mistakes as well as work hand-in-hand with you building highly-targeted lists via Zoom screen sharing to ensure your campaign gets the best results possible.


We Have Exclusive

Technology to Boost Response-Rates

Need more prospects to respond to your marketing?

AccuTxt is the industry’s first and only reverse texting technology.  Since call reluctance/hesitation is a real challenge in the REI industry, offering a simpler method of response can increase your response rates by up to 25%.

Once your prospects respond, our proprietary AccuTxt technology will automatically send your prospects a “prewritten text” (ex: thanks for texting, I’ll reach out soon!), and lastly will send you an email with all of the property details (sourced from mailing list) along with the newly captured cell phone number.

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Need to grab your prospect’s attention?

With AccuPix, your prospects receive a custom mailer featuring a large image of their actual house (sourced from Google Maps). This simple customization allows your marketing to scream for attention over the rest of the “generic” mail they’ll receive. Thanks to our partnership with Google, this highly custom look is completely automated and requires no additional work (or setup) for you.

Now available in Satellite and Street View!

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Hundreds of Proven Mailers

We Have What You Need…

(and What You Didn’t Even Know You Needed!)

Never struggle to choose a mail piece again. Our product library consist of designs and language that has been proven effective across the country. While you can always order what you like, we recommend to ask your coach what works in your market.

We Have Designs For…

  • Any Market

  • Any Objective

  • Any Budget

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