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You Got Questions, We Got Answers!

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What Type of Help/Benefit Do I Get by Working with a Direct Marketing Coach?2022-02-04T16:30:47+00:00

Our team of Direct Marketing Coaches are highly trained and experienced experts in the field of REI marketing and lead generation. Their practical knowledge of best practices combined with REIPrintMail’s nationwide campaign tracking, enables investors of any experience level to launch highly successful direct mail marketing campaigns while skipping the expensive guessing and testing traditionally associated with direct mail marketing.

Is REIPrintMail’s Coaching Actually Free?2022-02-04T16:34:16+00:00

Yes! Unlike any other direct marketing company in the REI industry (or any other for that matter), we offer 100% expert coaching to help you determine the next steps for your REI business; whether that is or isn’t our direct mail marketing services. There is no catch, we simply want to help investors however possible in exchange for us being considered for any current or future needs.

Can a Direct Marketing Coach Replace My Marketing Staff?2022-02-04T20:26:25+00:00

In many cases we can replace the need for marketing responsibilities and sometimes even staff. While needs can vary wildly in our industry from business to business, we can be a 100% outsourced solution for lead generation. We offer investors an expert as a single point of contact who can provide guidance or can completely manage and over see your direct mail lead generation (100% done-for-you).

Mailing Lists

Can I Use My Own Mailing Lists with REIPrintMail?2022-02-04T20:27:07+00:00

Absolutely yes! While purchasing a list is always an option, we also offer step-by-step training on pulling your own lists with your list provider and can even schedule a Zoom call with screensharing and training to make the process as fast and easy as possible.

How Can a Direct Marketing Coach Help Me Build My Lists?2022-02-04T20:27:37+00:00

Our team of expert coaches are here to help your marketing be more effective, and improving the quality of your list is one of the key ways we can help! Given that a list is the single most important part of any campaign, we’ll guide you to the best data sources for your market along with the criteria we’ve seen get the best results. (Also, our coaches can collaborate on your list builds via Zoom calls with screensharing.)

Can My Coach Just Pull a List for Me, or Do I Need to Be Involved?2022-02-04T17:39:52+00:00

Our coaches can help as much (or as little) as you want! Our coaches are here to share their knowledge if you want it or are available to apply their knowledge to pull lists on your behalf. Since all our coaching is 100% free, the choice is yours with zero increased costs.

Direct Mail

How Quickly is My Mail Sent After I Place an Order?2022-02-04T16:38:00+00:00

Direct mail orders will be mailed as soon as 1 week after the original order date but can be delayed until all required information is submitted and final proof is approved by you (the client). Expedited orders can be requested but cannot always be guaranteed due to the workload status of production.

How Does REIPrintMail Know What Mailers to Use in My Market?2022-02-04T17:42:24+00:00

Thanks to the unique one-on-one personal relationships our coaches have with our investor clients nationwide, we share and pool data on the performance history of mailers and campaigns across the US. By choosing to work with a coach at REIPrintMail you are tapping into a database of intel exclusive to REIPrintMail clients and unlike any other resource ever made available to investors.

How to I Determine How Much Mail to Send?2022-02-04T17:42:57+00:00

Our research shows that it takes 25 calls/leads on average to get a deal. The secret to a successful campaign is knowing what the average response rate is in your market(s) to determine the amount of marketing mail you need to send and how often you need to send it TO GET A DEAL. There are huge differences from market to market and we bring that knowledge to our clients.

This is one of the most important data points needed to minimize expense and maximize your deal flow.

What Postage Should I Use and Why?2022-02-04T20:28:58+00:00

Knowing what postage to use for your campaigns will help you save money as well as increase the effectiveness of your marketing.

You can save money by utilizing presort postage options (which have minimum quantity requirements) as well as choosing a lower postage class which impacts speed and whether or not undeliverable mail is returned.

You can increase the effectiveness of your marketing by matching your postage to your mailer-style; for example, use imitation “precanceled” stamps to make handwritten postcards look like personal messages and less mass-produced.

(For more specific or detailed questions about postage we highly recommend a call with a coach.)

Probate Subscriptions

If Probate Records are Free from County Courthouses, Why Should I Pay for a Subscription?2022-02-04T16:38:36+00:00

The answer is speed, convenience, and valuable additional contact info not available at the courthouse. While you always have the right to visit courthouses and retrieve records free of charge, you’re paying with your time every time you have to physically go to the courthouse (often hours) and the tedious research (almost always several hours) that has to be done on the records received from the courthouse.

Beyond the courthouse records that we collect, we also verify real estate is owned, we skip-trace all estate contacts for name and email, as well as skip-trace up to 12 additional relatives (ensuring you can make contact ASAP). Finally, all the courthouse records and skip-traced information is professionally preformatted to be immediately uploaded to almost every CRM available.

What Makes REIPrintMail’s Probate Subscriptions Different/Better?2022-02-04T17:44:33+00:00

Our fresh courthouse records (delivered within days of the initial filings), our method of sourcing data (in-person), our dedication to complete record retrieval (all courthouses within a county, not just the primaries), our proprietary skip-tracing (all estate contacts + up to 12 additional relatives), our superior delivery format (all files delivered pre-formatted for instant uploading to ANY CRM), and finally our ability to mail out preselected mailers to your list immediately upon its monthly delivery.

My Local County Post Probate Records Online, is There Any Benefit for Me to Subscribe?2022-02-04T17:45:19+00:00

It depends, if your county courthouse is fully digitized, which the vast majority (almost all) are not. In most counties across the US probate filings do get posted publicly online eventually, but typically weeks if not months after the actually filing date. Many investors are unaware of this delay or thinks the delay isn’t enough to worry about. The reality is the sooner you make contact the better your odds of getting a deal are.

My List Provider/Software Offers Probate Records, Is an REIPrintMail Subscription Different?2022-02-04T17:46:19+00:00

Yes, our subscriptions result in you getting leads weeks (if not months) before most online list services that source their records from government websites. Almost all government sites that list providers source from have a significant delay from the initial filing to the day of being publicly posted online (weeks to months typically).

Is a Probate Subscription a Good Place to Start for a New Investor?2022-02-04T20:30:08+00:00

It depends on your budget. Probate is one of the most lucrative niches in REI business, but the reality is in most cases it takes a few months of marketing before deals start coming together and to get momentum. If your starting budget is pretty lean, we typically advise you to wait until profits come from other deals before starting a probate subscription. In this case a motivated seller’s campaign could realize a deal faster than probate.

Refunds, Cancellations, & Changing an Order:

If I Need to Change or Cancel My Order, is There a Fee?2022-03-15T21:43:59+00:00

Orders can be canceled without a fee if your request is made prior to any processing and/or production. For processed orders not yet produced, a processing fee may be deducted from your refund or account credit. For orders in production, contact us at (800) 378-0378 to determine what options (if any) are available. For orders produced with postage, no refunds will be given except in the event of errors made by REIPrintMail.

Is There Any Guarantee When Launching a Campaign with REIPrintMail?2022-02-04T19:01:32+00:00

The reality of sending marketing messages to the general public always has some level of risk. Our goal at REIPrintMail is to minimize the risks for investors by using tried and true methods, strategies, and mail pieces based on our nationwide performance tracking. We guarantee and will stand behind our work and everything we have control over. However, since we can’t control the actions (or lack of) of your prospects we cannot guarantee individual results.

Can I Modify My Order After I Paid for It?2022-03-15T21:44:41+00:00

Yes, orders can be modified, but only prior to production.  Orders may be subject to a change fee depending on the nature and/or the extent of the change or revision. Contact us at (800) 378-0378 for any order modification inquires.

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